Bringing the character alive on paper and products to preserve for life

Meet the new comers all original artwork is in oil paints.

Highland Cows, Lions, Elephants Coming Soon

work is constantly happening on the website. If you want more information on the coming soon please send me an email .

Its all about the hair

Lion running with its main showing so much movement looking over to a tree no leaves with the sun behind. Orange background
Harriet is a big highland cow full cow in oils rust to brown the background in a bold bright mustard colour
Side elephant with texture
Side on elephant head and trunk. Oil painting with lots of texture in the trunk
Highland Cow Range
Highland Cow Range
maximus original
Maximus the Lion

Leave your email if you want to know when everything is ready. If you want any items before they are here on the website, please go to the contact page and send me an email. I do have the stock it’s just takes a while to get it on the website.

Giant Pandas, Pumpkin and Squash

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I’ll let you know what shows I’m attending and any new artwork or products I’ve been working on.

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About Me
Moving to the Scottish countryside inspired me to draw.
The herd over the hill from where I live is full of amazing characters. They are out all winter when I can get good reference pictures. During the summer they roam further from the hayloft I don’t see them as much then .

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