Galloway Cow Art



The herd from over the hill

Pen and Ink portraits of the herd over the hill from where I live. 

Theres some amazing characters.
“Little blue”  looks like a dear, such an angelic character in a cow. His coat although white and grey has a blue tinge and his eyelashes so long over his big beaming eyes.

“Smokey” named because of her yellow tinge to her coat.


“Tufty” a little moody with tufts on top.

”Purple rinse” what a head of curls with a purple tinge.

”On the fence “ she wasn’t leaving that fence.

”The Galloway Bunch” safety in numbers


Original artwork on archival watercolour paper

A3 and A4 Prints on Archival Matte photo paper mounted or unmounted prints.


Galloway bunch, Little Blue, On the fence, Purple rinse, Smokey, Tufty


A3Original, A3print mounted, A3 print no mount, A4 print mounted, A4 print no mount, gift card

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