Elephant Art Original Oil Painting “Little Blue and Mum”

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Cuddles with Mum .

Elephant and Baby Oil Painting named “Little Blue and Mum”

This piece of art shows the connection between the elephants and their young. The mother lowering down so the little one can cuddle into her such an amazing bond.
The colours weren’t originally my plan but I was demonstrating at a show, in the early stages of the painting it was hard to see the two elephants and where I was going with the marks on the canvas. To make it easier for people to see I painted the little one in blue and it just seemed natural to have some pink in the Mum.

The Canvas  is 40cm x 40cm, it can be hung on the wall directly or it can come framed as shown.
With the Floating Frame 43cm x 43cm

Free postage to the Uk only
If your in another country please email for postage details

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